Retirement: Gender differences in life satisfaction in retirement

Pauline M Mayr, Fordham University


The research addresses the question: Are there gender differences in life satisfaction in retirement?^ Data was collected from 303 of retired Telephone Company employees, 181 males and 122 females.^ The study investigated the relationship between gender of the retiree and life satisfaction, perceived health, self esteem, depression, A.D.L., I.A.D.L., pre-retirement planning, socialization, economics, job importance, and reason for retirement.^ Findings suggest that poor life satisfaction in retirement is not due to gender of retiree but to other variables such as poor self esteem, lack of pre-retirement planning, health problems and poor socialization. ^

Subject Area

Gerontology|Social Work

Recommended Citation

Pauline M Mayr, "Retirement: Gender differences in life satisfaction in retirement" (January 1, 1991). ETD Collection for Fordham University. Paper AAI9205000.