Alphonso Lingis, "Divine Illusions," New Nietzsche Studies, Volumes Six 3/4 (Fall 2005) & Seven 1/2 (Spring 2006): 221–224.


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David Allison says to his readers that Nietzsche writes for you — you and him and me. In his book he tells of what of Nietzsche’s thoughts he has, with long years of research and penetrating and generous reflection, made his own. The lucidity of this book enables us to see if these thoughts can also become ours. Nietzsche’s thoughts are not only extremely complex but hard thoughts which we cannot make our own without a struggle. The finest virtue of a philosophical book on Nietzsche is that it provokes this struggle. Here I am only going to recount a little of my struggle with a couple of those thoughts, in the expectation that David Allison will shed more light on them.