The politics behind economic development in New York City: Who influences the ULURP process

Alexa J Dvorak, Fordham University


New York has some of the most significant buildings in the world, representing a wide range of styles spanning distinct historical and cultural periods. New York City is constantly rebuilding itself, adhering to new ideas and innovations. Many of these buildings are essential to the New York City economy, and built with great influence of the politicians, developers and communities of the era. A significant economic development or redevelopment project could change not only the skyline but the entire neighborhood. There is no project free of controversy, as the large amount of individuals and organizations involved are adhering to their own agendas. The needs of small business owners and residents will be different than the developers, and politicians. This is a qualitative study that will compare different projects through the mandated process for all large-scale developments in the Metropolitan New York area. This paper provides a detailed account of the steps the projects followed throughout the ULURP process, and the potential influences of their outcomes including support from politicians, developers, community organizations and lobbyists. ^

Subject Area

American Studies|Economics, General|Political Science, General|Urban and Regional Planning

Recommended Citation

Dvorak, Alexa J, "The politics behind economic development in New York City: Who influences the ULURP process" (2014). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI1585217.