Two models of mainstreaming in two New York City high schools: A comparative case study

Barbara Ferraro, Fordham University


Administrators have sought to fulfill the mandates of PL 94-142 in a variety of ways. This study explores the effectiveness of the collaborative and traditional approaches toward mainstreaming in New York City academic high schools.^ The research employed case study methodology to focus on those issues faced by New York City academic high schools required to implement the mainstreaming mandate of PL 94-142. This investigation examined and compared two models of mainstreaming, collaborative and traditional, in two New York City academic high schools. A combination of survey, interview, and observation were used to address the following research questions: (1) How do high schools utilize their resources to implement mainstreaming? (2) What are the organizational obstacles, or supports, for implementation? (3) How do staff development initiatives impact on mainstreaming? (4) How should a mainstream model be introduced by high school administrators in order to create a successful, efficient and integrated special education program? What are the consequences? (5) Who are the key players responsible for the implementation of the innovation? (6) How does staff attitude and knowledge impact on the mainstream process? (7) How is the mission, the implementation of an effective and successful mainstream plan, articulated and supported by staff?^ The results illustrate the differences between these two models of mainstreaming. It was found that attitude toward mainstreaming seemed to improve when cooperative planning was employed. The collaborative mainstreaming model promotes more active staff involvement which creates an environment conducive to successful implementation of PL 94-142. ^

Subject Area

Special education|Teacher education

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Ferraro, Barbara, "Two models of mainstreaming in two New York City high schools: A comparative case study" (1990). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI9109254.