Cluster Computing for Robotics and Computer Vision

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Robotics, Cluster computing, parallel computing


Computer Engineering | Robotics


In this book, we look at how cluster technology can be leveraged to build better robots. Algorithms and approaches in key areas of robotics and computer vision, such as map building, target tracking, action selection and landmark learning, are reviewed and cluster implementations for these are presented.

The objective of the book is to give professionals working in the beowulf cluster or robotics and computer vision fields a concrete view of the strong synergy between the areas as well as to spur further fruitful exploitation of this connection. The book is written at a level appropriate for an advanced undergraduate or graduate student. The key concepts in robotics, computer vision and cluster computing are introduced before being used to make the text useful to a wide audience in these fields.

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English version: World Scientific Singapore, 2011 (ISBN-13: 978-9812836359).

Chinese veersion: Beijing Institute of Technology Press, Beijing China, Oct. 2014.