Digital addendum to an essay collection originating with the 2014 Fordham conference entitled The French of Outremer. The addendum includes linked files, extra images, and files for 3-D printing (in .stl format).


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Konnari Appendix 1.docx (121 kB)
Appendix part 1 to Konnari's essay

Konnari Appendix 2.docx (133 kB)
Appendix part 2 to Konnari's essay

Konnari French Sources Photos .zip (577 kB)
Zip file containing additional images for Konnari's essay

Lester Figures Tasks of the Translators.pdf (958 kB)
Additional illustrations for Lester's chapter

denier_complete_shawn.stl (828 kB)
Modeling file for 3-D printing

Stahl 5mm_denier_o.stl (511 kB)
Modeling file for 3-D printing

Stahl 5mm_denier_r.stl (352 kB)
Modeling file for 3-D printing

Stahl Actual_Size_Diameter_2x_Height_Denier.stl (10 kB)
Modeling file for 3-D printing



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