Masculinity Ideology, Male Identity, and Romantic Relationship Quality Among Heterosexual and Gay Men

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Masculinityideology.Maleidentity.Gaymen. Relationship quality


Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences


This research assessed factors that may affect men’s romantic relationships. One hundred men (50 het- erosexual and 50 gay) in the Northeast US completed measures that assessed masculinity ideology, male identity, and relationship quality. We examined whether the quality of heterosexual men’s romantic relationships differ from that of romantic relationships among gay men, and whether masculinity ideology and male identity are related to the quality of heterosexual and same-sex romantic relation- ships. Results indicated no differences between heterosex- ual and gay men in the perceived quality of romantic relationships. However, in both gay and heterosexual men, traditional masculinity ideology and a male identity characterized by a lack of psychological relatedness to other men were associated with lower quality romantic relationships.

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